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The most progressive school for young actors, directors, playwrights, and screenwriters anywhere.

Actors Playground School of Theatre is located in Monmouth County, NJ and is one of the premiere acting schools in New Jersey. Offering acting class for all ages.

Teen Acting Classes

Actors Playground indeed offers the highest level of professional training in the art of acting anywhere, but it is far more than a school—it’s a community. It’s a place where young people work together and support each other. Support of your classmates is rule number one around here. It is vital to a good acting class. When a young person feels they are supported by their class, that’s when the discoveries begin to happen. When a student looks forward to the class every week and is excited about attending, that’s when real learning can take place. When students feel comfortable in their surroundings, that’s when fear is no longer a factor, when they are not afraid to step up and take a risk and you begin to see that real person inside start to emerge and bloom. The school is a safety net where it’s okay to fall on your face. This is where you can really experiment with the craft and explore the vast intricacies of your talent. Acting is not just an art, it is also a natural science and this school is your laboratory.
— Ralph Colombino, Artistic Director


Our classes cover a vast array of acting styles and philosophies. The curriculum includes: The Stanislavski System, Meisner Technique, The Uta Hagen Exercises, and the work of Michael Chekhov, Joseph Hart, Pierre LeFevre, Harold Scot, plus sense memory, scene study, auditioning, public speaking, camera technique, dialects, masks, improvisation, performance art and voice, movement, commercial and monologue work. This program is designed to give our students the advantage they need in this competitive field and specializes in proper preparation for college auditions as well as the acting industry itself. Discipline and respect for the craft are taught, along with a thorough process of education in the art of acting. These classes are the most popular and most enduring, not to mention they are the heart of our school. Its curriculum has been widely recognized by some of the country's most respected universities. Many of this program's alumni have gone on to attend virtually every major college conservatory theatre program in the world, many others have gone on to successful careers in film, television, and theatre. Judging by its reputation and success rate, we think you'll find these unique classes to be second to none.

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